Camping Grill cabin 9,2 m²
with 3,0m Extension


Children House


Premium Hot Tub


Looking for high-quality log cabins or garden buildings? Look no further than our log cabin manufacturing company! We offer a wide range of residential houses, garden offices, saunas, hot tubs, camping pods, and more. Our expert team will work with you to create the perfect space for your needs, using the highest-quality materials and construction techniques. Whether you’re looking for a cozy retreat, a space to work from home, or a luxurious outdoor oasis, we have the solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our log cabins and garden buildings!

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High quality log cabins, wooden garages, mobile houses Directly from the manufacturer

28mm (20)

44mm (20)

44mm Sydney 3.8x3.8 (20)

44mm Terrace 5x1.5 (20)

44mm Trento 6x5 (20)

68mm (22)

68mm Almeria 6x8.87 (21)

68mm Athena (21)

Agoti 5x3 (20)

Arica 7x10 (20)

Camping pod 3m width 28mm walls Not insulated (5)


Garden office (20)

Leon 10.7 x 9.4m (20)

Lille 6x3.5 (20)

Nuuk 5x3.844 (20)

Oden 5x3.5 (20)

Takoma 12x8 (20)

Togo 3x3 (20)

Villa (20)

Wik 4.5x3.5 (20)

Winnipeg 10x17 (20)

Camping House (26)

Camping Barrels (2)

Camping Buses (5)

Camping Pods (19)

Camping Pods Insulated (6)

Camping Pods 2,4m width Insulated (5)

Camping Pods 3m width Insulated (1)

Camping Pods Not Insulated (13)

Camping Pods 2,4m width, Not Insulated (6)

Camping Pods 3m width, Not Insulated (2)

Children House (1)

Grill Cabins (26)

Grill Cabins (21)

Grill Sets (5)

Flame BBQ (1)

Large Flame BBQ (1)

Professional Grill Set (3)

6 Corner set (1)

8 Corner set (1)

Standard 6 & 8 corners grills (1)

Pavilions (6)

Pavilion 9.2 (1)

Pavilion 9,2m² with 2,5m Extension (1)

Pavilion 10 (1)

Pavilion 14.9 (1)

Pavilion 16.5 (1)

Double pavilion 16.5 + 16.5 (1)

Premium Hot Tub (1)

Sauna (21)

Barrels Sauna (15)

Sauna Pods (6)

Log Cabins (111)

High in Demand!

Camping Grill cabin
9,2 m² with 3,0m Extension

High quality log cabins, wooden garages, mobile houses Directly from the manufacturer!

Customers No#01 Choice !

Our standard Log Cabins range!

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