Easy installation

Our wooden cabins do not require specific skills for installation so you can easily set up our cabins. Cabins arrives tiny packed and covered with a waterproof but breathing film. In each cabin package you will find detailed assembly guide-instruction with a clear parts list of each wall, ground or roof.

You should start assembling wooden shed on a stable and leveled ground or concrete.

Firstly you should install basic wooden elements.

Secondly it’s time to pick up the walls.

Easily put the windows and doors in the right places and finish setting up the walls.

Next put the triangles (frontons) and install beams to the right places. Finally you can finish your cabin setting up roof boards and installing your preferred roof coverage (shingles, bituminous felt or other…)

You’ll never need to care about screws, nails or other elements necessary to collect our cabin it’s all calculated and there is already in the package.

IMPORTANT! It’s necessary to treat your cabin immediately after installation. For the first time we recommend to treat wooden cabin and its components at least two times from both sides – indoor and outdoor to keep your wooden cabin protected and good looking. Ask your local threat supplier for advice to keep your cabin at its best!

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