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Massif 44mm
Wall thickness 44 mm
Charme White



About product:


‐ Material: All natural, untreated Nordic spruce.

‐ Wall: 44mm thickness interlocking wall boards.

‐ Door: half glazed, double‐glass, easy to install and comes with all hardware. Width 0.87m. / Height 1.90 m.

‐ 2 single windows, tilt and turn opening options, double‐glass. Width: 0.72m / Height: 0.94m. Pair of shutters and window boxes.

‐ Each window and door comes with an insulating rubber gasket.

‐ Anti‐storm system reinforced with metal rods.

‐ Roof: 18mm roof boards, fascia boards and bitumen shingles. Roof area 15.8 m2

‐ Floor boards and treated joints for foundation.

‐ Minimum foundation size : 3,78x2,78 m2

‐ Treating surface: 80 m2



High quality log cabins, wooden garages, mobile houses Directly from the manufacturer!

High quality log cabins

High quality windows and doors

Our own produced windows and doors… even for 28mm cabins walls, windows goes with 16 mm double glassed CE certified package with aluminum frame inside. We use only good quality Siberian or North Europe slow grown and well dried (~14%) pine or spruce that is being glued in manufacturing process to avoid windows and doors frame twist...


easy log cabin installation

Easy installation

Our wooden cabins do not require specific skills for installation so you can easily set up our cabins.
Cabins arrives tiny packed and covered with a waterproof but breathing film.
In each cabin package you will find detailed assembly guide-instruction with a clear parts list of each wall, ground or roof...




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